Repair cost fraud scheme

21.08.2013 13:08

A car has been sold successfully – the transaction went smoothly and without a hitch. Several days later, somebody calls the seller on the phone, pretending to be a friend of the buyer’s. The caller claims that the vehicle turned out to have a defect shortly after the sale and the seller should bear the repair cost partly or fully, blaming the seller for his/her ‘negligence’. The actual buyer is currently abroad, the caller says and asks the seller to transfer a certain amount to a specific (usually foreign) account.

This scheme exploits the seller’s fear of being regarded as a fraud. On top of that, the seller feels guilty about having overlooked a defect despite thoroughly checking the vehicle. The fraudsters operating this scheme meticulously observe Internet sales and contact sellers. The sellers themselves usually know nothing about the supposed defect nor do they suspect a fraud scheme.

You have been contacted by a potentially untrustworthy or dishonest caller? Find help here…

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