Four strong partners for buying a car safely

Our safe online car shopping initiative was launched early 2007 by three members: ADAC, Europe’s largest automobile club, and the two major Internet car marketplaces, AutoScout24 and, aiming to promote safer online car buying and selling. Since March 2008, the police have joined to actively support the initiative with prevention and enforcement.

Here is a short introduction to the four members.


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With 18.3 million members, ADAC is the largest automobile club in Europe.
ADAC’s key services and tasks include breakdown and accident assistance by ADAC patrols, consumer protection and information including car, accessories and services tests. In addition, ADAC provides advice and technical assistance and represents the interests of the motoring public in dealing with the public authorities and government bodies, trade associations and industry.

Currently, ADAC has about 8,500 full-time staff (of which 1,630 ADAC patrols). Last year, ADAC patrols provided assistance in approximately 4.07 million cases. The German automobile club has a total of ca. 180 local offices in Germany. In addition, ADAC cooperates with 636 appointed lawyers, over 320 automotive engineer assessors and more than 933 ADAC contractors. The Club’s charitable air rescue service operates 49 helicopters which flew over 47.315 missions in 2011.

ADAC home


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17.1 million users in Germany a year, approximately 2 million vehicles on offer, more than 300 million virtual vehicle inspections a month in Europe – AutoScout24 is one of the leading Internet car portals in the market. Involved in the markets in 18 countries, and with 40,000 member dealers, AutoScout24 is present in all the main markets in Europe.

AutoScout24 offers consumers and car dealers a comprehensive platform for trading cars on the Internet. In addition to the online market for new and used cars and motorcycles, the company operates AutoScout24 also a sales platform for commercial vehicles as well as a separate exchange for parts and accessories. Since the end of 2011 customers will have the ability to compare service performances on the AutoScout24 garage portal and book binding.

At AutoScout24, users find not only vehicle offers but also everything they need to know about cars. AutoScout24 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Scout24 Group, which is in turn part of Deutsche Telekom AG.

AutoScout24 Home

18.11.2012 16:22 is an Internet marketplace for the sale and purchase of vehicles. Being one of Germany’s major vehicle e-commerce platforms, offers a vast range of passenger cars, motorcycles, lorries and mobile homes. Our services are available to both commercial car dealers and private individuals. In a pool of about 1.4 million vehicles from Germany alone anybody will find the perfect car to fit their needs – be it a luxury car, a cult vehicle or a bargain. The listings include second-hand and new cars.

Persons wanting to advertise their vehicles for sale can reach customers all over Germany and abroad. The balance between supply and demand will ensure high sales rates for the parties involved. does not take part in the transaction itself. Home

Crime prevention programme

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The crime prevention programme of the German police aims at informing the public, the media and other distributors of news as well as prevention organisations about the forms of criminality and the potential for preventing crimes. The programme’s key activities focus on preventive external communications and press relations and the development and publication of media, measures and concepts to support local police in their crime prevention efforts.

ProPK Home

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