Internet car sales portal sends an e-mail certifying that the sales offer is legitimate and the seller’s bona fides

A seller from abroad offers a car for sale at a very low price. Before concluding the sale, the buyer receives a (fake) e-mail from the Internet marketplace where the car is on offer.

To win the buyer’s trust, the e-mail says that expecting a “healthy dose of skepticism”, the seller proactively requested the Internet marketplace to verify the vehicle and the seller’s bona fides. In addition to the certification from the Internet marketplace, the e-mail provides corroboration of the vehicle and seller’s legitimacy from reputable organisations such as ADAC and the police.

In a next step, it suggests to the buyer to use the shipping company recommended by the seller for payment and shipping, purporting this would minimise the risk.

These e-mails are fakes! No Internet marketplace sends e-mails to potential buyers vouching for the legitimacy of the vehicle and seller. Nor will any Internet marketplace recommend any best modalities for handling the transfer of the vehicle. The use of escrow services or shipping companies is uncommon and often indicative of fraud.

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